About GPN

GPN_logoNeighborhood Watch in a new age. 

Goochland ParentNet is a handshake network, not an online network. We are a community of moms, dads and caregivers who understand that ours is a critical part of the community safety net. We get that our responsibility begins with the simple act of knowing one another.

“It’s not my kid,” is not our luxury.

Self-harm and suicide are real issues, right here in Goochland. Your teen may not engage in these activities but, chances are, they know someone who does. Maybe she’s struggling to keep an at-risk friend afloat, and doesn’t know how to ask for help. Maybe he’s feeling anxious about his personal encounters with these issues.

Your child’s safety matters to me. If I hear, I will act.

That’s our pledge. And it’s as simple as the three-step plan we use to uphold it:

1. Take it seriously.
2. Act responsibly.
3. Empower your teen.

In Goochland county, change begins with a handshake. It takes hold when we know each other. It succeeds when we commit to our shared responsibility.

This is real life, it’s offline. It’s small, but it matters. Please join us.